Monday, May 25, 2009

Does It Rain Here All the Time?

No, it doesn't rain all the time in Tofino. But it does rain a fair bit — and, personally, I'm glad for that. It's lush and green here. They don't call it a rainforest without a good reason. (Having said that, I'm ready for summer and sun and heat. I'm not that much of a Pollyanna.) When it does rain though, which it is right now, this is where like to sit.

If you ever come for a visit to Tofino and it's raining, resist the urge to stay inside to drink tea and read all day. It may be wet, but it's probably not too cold. Take a walk on the beach or through the rainforest, then you can feel so much more virtuous when you do sit down to enjoy that long, lazy afternoon with a book or a board game (or snoozing in bed, which is what I feel like doing right now).


  1. What a gorgeous place to watch the rain.

    at All Things Creative

  2. Yes, it is lovely and the window seat is just shy of the width of a single bed. Perfect for a snooze.