Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Daily Bread

I work at home and this gives me a certain amount of flexibility, which I cherish. There are days when I'm up at 5 am working, or still up at 10 pm working, but there are other days when I can work around things that need to be done. Once in a while, the "thing that needs to be done" has something to do with bread. Some days — when I'm feeling inspired — I'll actually make if, often using my "No Wait" bread, which is tasty and fast if a bit yeasty. When I have more time (and perhaps less sense), I'll make a loaf from one of my favourite cookbooks, Home Baking. Often this is a two-day affair as they go for the slow rise version — not too much yeast and a lot of patience — but it's worth it. (An aside. The authors -- Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford have my dream job. Travelling the world, "photo-journalising" about food? Yup, dream job.) In reality, though, when I need a loaf of bread, I usually wander down the road to this place.

Sweet T's is owned and operated by Deb and Tracy Crocker. A few years ago they built a home and included a commercial kitchen. Every morning, with the exception of one, Tracy is up early baking bread and other treats for their bakery as well as for several B&Bs and other businesses in Tofino. They have a teeny tiny shop in the downtown core (which, you understand, is all of four blocks or so) where they sell their goodies. I usually nab the Finnish loaf, which is a lovely, dense grainy bread with a hint of molasses, but the other day I tried the 100% spelt (pictured above). Also very tasty and, as Tracy told me, there's less "going on." It's a simpler taste, but great with stronger tasting filling (like, ah, blue cheese; yes, that was good).

As far as treats go, my daughter loves the cream puffs (and the ganache brownies). Me? The modestly-sized ginger cookies (no face-sized cookies here) with chunks of candied ginger. Excuse me, but I think it's time for elevenses.

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