Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Signs of the (Tofino) Times

We love our public bulletin boards in Tofino. Have a Harvest Gold fridge to sell or a fundraiser to advertise or a need a place to live? Check out one of our many bulletin boards. You probably won't have much luck finding your own piece of Tofino to rent through one of these boards (yes, even if you are quiet, responsible, employed, independently wealthy...finding a place is pretty much word-of-mouth), but for other things, the treasure troves are definitely worth a look. Here are a few of the more loaded, and frequently updated, ones.

Tofitian, at the south end of town on Pacific Rim Highway:

The Co-op Hardware store on 1st Street: (Nb. This one is cleared every Monday morning, so it's not "fully loaded" until later in the week.)

And, for the mother lode of flyers, a visit to the Common Loaf Bakeshop is a must:

Writer, Greg Blanchette, wrote a great story about a bulletin board "vigilante" in the last issue of Tofino Time.

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