Monday, May 25, 2009

Stairway to (Sandy) Heaven

I try to take a daily walk to a beach about 10 minutes from my home. It's a lovely pocket beach quite close to town. It's been a hidden "locals" gem for years, but, like most other good things, it's been discovered. (I'm not quite prepared to drop the name here, but if you come to Tofino you'll easily be able to find it.) Still, a walk here, gives me a daily dose of rainforest and seashore and sometimes I just manage to make it there when no one else is. The other morning, it was just me and the crow.

The boardwalk and system of stairs down to the beach were getting crickety in the last few years, so they were replaced last summer. And what a beautiful structure appeared, complete with this, a most stunning west coast, Japanese-inspired bridge, which uses beach logs for the spanners.

As a fundraiser, people were encouraged to "buy a board" to help finance the bridge. Our family bought one, which is somewhere in this photo.

And one last photo, because, well, IMHO, it's just so pretty.

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  1. Hi Adrienne! Yes I've been to Tofino and I ADORE the place. My heart still lingers... perhaps you've seen it on your beach there, playing at the waters edge.

    However, I've never seen this magnificent bridge!! I must visit again soon. px