Monday, June 8, 2009

Bicycle Marc

In a post awhile back, I wrote how I was grateful that someone, somewhere in our town's history, had the wisdom to put aside several lots in the middle of town to create a "village green." I am also grateful for the councillors, planners, residents...whomever...who had the foresight to create our beloved "MUP" — our multi-use path that runs from town to Cox Bay. There is only one road into town — it is only two lanes and is narrow and, at times, windy. The MUP gives people a (fairly) safe alternative. (I say "fairly" because it does get a bit busy and bonkers at times.) But, it is MUCH safer than being on the road and certainly encourages walking, running, and biking. Ah, biking. We love our bikes here, The beach cruiser has become very popular here, and it was for a cruiser that we headed to Sharp Road to visit Bicycle Marc.

Marc started his bike shop in his townhouse in 2002. He first worked out of a small closet in the carport and would have to take out and put away his tools everyday. He was, and is, a busy guy. Thankfully, Marc scored a house with a large garage and outdoor storage area and it's there he's set up shop. Cool in the right colour were the operative criteria for my daughter when it comes to bikes and she scored a beauty — a cruiser with three gears and an inner rim that is a coppery red (matches her latest hair colour) and some lovely rose decals. I might just have to take it for a spin, too. Love that big wide seat, with SPRINGS.

I hadn't been to Marc's new shop, so was surprised to see this bit of whimsy:

Marc and some his staff spent about a day making this creation out of used and no longer recyclable parts. (Marc is fabulous at reusing parts and helping everyone and anyone, regardless of how flush they are, find a bike.) It's obvious they got into their art project that day; just look at the detailing:

As well as being Tofino's go-to repair man, Marc rents and sells bicycles. You can find him at TOF Cycles (TOF = Tons of Fun) at 660 Sharp Road, or call 250-725-BIKE!


  1. We were in Tofino during the "heath wave" end of July and we were very lucky to rent some great mountain bikes at TOF Cycles. Bicycle Marc is a very nice guy. He offered us the swap the mountain bikes for beach bikes at our demand. The best bikes we had in Canada

    Rob and Hanneke
    The Netherlands

  2. You managed to hit the nail right on the head and explained out everything without complication.

  3. Hello Danial123,

    Thank you for your compliments. I really try my best day after day to help and serve people. Unfortunately, I don't have enough volume to hire all the great employable folks that come by for work here.
    But do drop by again. Who knows?

    Bicycle Marc in Tofino

  4. Hi Danial123.
    Your offerings seem great.
    There are patents in place for both Canada and the US for that... Unfortunately, I won't be able to work with you until you call or show face.
    Bicycle Marc in Tofino

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  7. Thanks Adrienne, your new book "Long Beach Wild" is an absolute gem. I first saw it at a friend's place and bought it today at the market. It was hard for me to get back to work once I started reading. Bicycle Marc