Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ring Bell for Pottery

Not far from my house, is the gallery of Tofino artist, Cathy White. Her studio is tucked behind her house, backed by the rainforest. It's always fun to visit to see what new creation Cathy has tucked into her garden ...

... or placed in the gallery's shop.

I have a bowl like the one pictured above as well as a "welcome" plaque at the main entrance to our home. I adore them both and if people ask for recommendations for a gift that will remind them of this place, I send them to Elements, her studio and gallery. Cathy makes the "stamps" by hand (also out of clay) and they bring a very unique touch to her work. She incorporates imagery and actual impressions (of shells or cedar boughs, for example) in her work, making it very "west coast."

Cathy works primarily in clay, although she is skilled in many art forms. She was the high school art teacher down the road at Ucluelet for years, but then left to raise her family and pursue her art. She still teaches though, and does private classes and also works with children from the local elementary school. The school's halls are filled with the work Cathy has guided them through.

Cathy's gallery on First Street is open on Wednesday as part of the Tofino Studio Tour and any time she is home. She also has a booth at the Saturday Market. Come visit. Chances are, her door will be open.

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