Monday, June 1, 2009

Saltspring Road Trip

Tofino's a lovely spot, no question there, but every once in awhile it's nice to get away. For us that often means leaving this island to travel to another one. There is a chain of islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland of BC, called the Gulf Islands. This past weekend we visited and had a wonderfully relaxing and WARM weekend, full of family, food, and fun.

I snapped these pics, while waiting to pick up my parents from the ferry at Fulford Harbour. There's no shortage of beautiful gardens, funky gates and fences, gorgeous (and quirky) homes, and art, art, art on Saltspring, often in places you might not expect it.

Saltspring has a fabulous Saturday Market so that was one of our first stops. (It was necessary, of course, to pick up chewy garlic-studded bread; Saltspring goat cheese rolled in peppercorns, and, oh, oh, oh, REAL macarones, just like the ones they have in Paris.) This is the soap stall (one of them), but doesn't it look good enough to eat?

There is a Tofino connection to this post, of course. At the market we met friends we first met in Tofino who moved to Saltspring a year or so ago: Diane Perry and Sean Goddard, formerly of Tofino's Lounge Collection, who now run The Farmhouse Gallery on Saltspring. They also have stalls at the Saturday Market.

Diane creates with fabric. She makes wonderful clothes and all the girls in our household covet the "Diane hoodies" she made for us. At the moment, she's focussing on some seriously whacked-out fabric "dolls" (creatures?), which are so much fun.

And Sean creates his own fantastical creatures — mostly insects — in glass and metal. If you go to Saltspring, make sure you pay them a visit (and then wander on over to Moonstruck Cheese, which is right next door. Double yum.)

One of these bugs will now be living in my sister's garden.

(BTW, happy b-day, big sis! xo)


  1. And don't forget the fabulous Sabine's Fine Used Book Store! Wonderfully organized, lots of treasures and the Griffin Room occasionally featuring Nick Bantock.

  2. Oh yes. I knew enough to stay away from Sabine's. Great willpower, don't you think? But very hard for me. I will be back.