Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Second-Hand Scores

I'm a bit late with this, but last week, over at Pia Jane Bijkerk's blog, there was an invite to be part of the one degree op shop challenge over at Katie Crackernuts. I was away from town, thus away from my fav second-hand shop, so I'm posting this week.

In the heart of Tofino there is a tiny little gem of a second-hand shop, called Castaways. Don't bring too many friends with you when you come, because there's not much room to move inside and you want to take lots of time to browse for those potential scores. Okay, bring a friend, but send them outside to swing in the hammock, recline in that retro comfy chair or have a gelato while YOU take the first look.

It's hard to say what my best score has been at Castaways, but this is certainly my most recent favourite.

It is a skirt (or was a skirt; I've ripped out one seam) for a teeny-tiny waisted person (of which I am not) so I am trying to decide whether it will become curtains or pillows. Just look at the beautiful details.

If you come to Tofino and want to find Castaways, look for the blue Westfalia parked on the main drag...

...then venture through the magic archway to see what treasures await.


  1. Oh looks like an awesome place! Love Tofino!

  2. Castaways has been recently renovated by its new owners, long-time residents and partners in Sound Cleaning Service; Lise and John Wynne, who would love for you to come by the store and enjoy our courtyard in the Heart of Tofino