Friday, June 26, 2009

Solstice on the Beach

This is what solstice brings ...

... exceptionally low tides during the day.

When people come to visit they often ask for the weather forecast. Most of the time I've no idea. The weather makes no difference to me — if I didn't do anything when it rained I wouldn't get much done. There is one thing I do pay attention to though, and that's the tide table. If you're into beach walking and mucking about in the intertidal, the tide table is the tool to help you structure your day. Yesterday morning, before work, I nipped down to the beach and here's some of what I saw:

This is what a live sand dollar looks like. (See the spines? They're related to sea urchins.)

Sea stars and anemones, clustered together waiting for the tide to come back in ...

Sometimes it's good to stop and look closer ...

you never know what you might find.

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