Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday in the garden

It was a doosie of a weekend, following a busy week, so I've no time for a long post at the moment. I did have some time in the garden yesterday while FH prepared a French-themed dinner. (Yes, for those of you who know the FH, you read that correctly. It was fabulous, especially the French onion soup, and it was a lovely evening talking about France with friends who'd recently visited Paris.) So, in lieu of a more specifically Tofino-related post, here's a bit of what's blooming in my garden.

I adore these poppies, but they are just getting settled in my garden. (Do they sulk like peonies do?) I see others in town with great swathes of them, but I have just a few precious blooms. There's a lovely cotton candy pink one in bloom right now.

This monster lupine is being a bit of a thug — it totally overpowered and shadowed two poppies, which I discovered when I cut it back. They'll be moved to a new home where I hope they'll be happier. Still, the lupine is lovely, if a bit bossy, when it's in bloom.

Although there are exceptions, roses don't grow particularly well here. Rugosa roses seem to like it though. I have three big bushes that bloom steadily for over a month. I planted a white one last year — hope it takes off too.

If you come to visit, look for the purple chair. (And the mounds of lady's mantle that threaten to take over my yard.)

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