Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tofino Stars in One Week

We finally watched One Week this past weekend. It's a fairly simple story line: man finds out he has cancer, asks himself, "What would I do if I had one week to live?" In his case, he decides to take his motorcycle on a road trip from Toronto to Tofino. I enjoyed the film, but mostly because of its trip down memory lane and its in-your-face Canadiana. Protagonist Ben is regularly seen rolling up the rim at Tim Horton's (and is told to "go west, young man") and we see a lot of Canadian kitsch: the Sudbury nickel, Wawa Goose, the giant muskie from (I think) Kenora and more. This all brought me back to my days in northern Ontario in the early '80s. He also stops to pay homage to Terry Fox at his monument in Thunder Bay (I think that was the Sleeping Giant in the background) and, of course, has some obligatory time in Banff. (The sound track was great — very Canadian, including Joel Plaskett, Emm Gryner, the Great Lake Swimmers, Patrick Watson and more — and several of the artists had roles in the movie.)

But it was most fun to see Tofino through the lens. We saw Ben having breakfast at Tuff Beans, sleeping on Chesterman Beach, wandering into Storm, and, most fun, having his bike run over by Pete Moffat in his old truck. The town came off pretty well, I'd say, and played the part of "west coast funky."

Here's an article written when the crew was filming in town and a few reviews, here and here.

(Photo on this post from the photo gallery at the One Week website.)

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