Friday, July 3, 2009

Canada Day, Redux

As promised, a few photos from Canada Day. With a pre-teen and a teen in the house, Canada Day is pretty much my own. The kids are out and about with their friends. Our house is quite close to the Village Green where the festivities happen so I just putz in my garden and when I hear the announcement of an event I want to check out, I just toodle down the road. Much of the day is taken up by the annual skateboard competition. I popped in and out during the day to check it out, but by far these were the "radist" skaters (and also the ones at approximately the same level as me).

Cute, huh? Of course there were many other skaters, but these had the fewest tattoos. Seriously, the Tuff City Skatepark — which sits smack in the heart of town — is a hard fought for, tirelessly fundraised for, and much used amenity in our town. Skateparks are often relegated to the outskirts of town and I think it says something about Tofino to have it right downtown.

Music on the Village Green began about 4 pm...

which was accompanied by hula hooping on the lawn (jugs of water on the head, optional).

And, of course, what would Canada Day be without fireworks? We have quite a show for a small town. The fireworks are set off on a barge in the harbour — it seems as if the whole town comes out to watch. This photo was the best I could do.

'Til Next Week!

(From the Co-op Gas Bar — THE place to post for Tofitians' milestones.)

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