Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How To Talk Like a Local

There are two words that, if mispronounced, will give you away as a visitor. (The camera, motor home, and surf board pointing the wrong way) gives it away too.) And we all like to fit in, right? The first is Tofino. It's not (at least locally) Toe- fino, with a long "o." Think tuh, as in "tough-ino."

And then there's Clayoquot. First, you should understand that this comes from Tla-o-qui-aht, the name of the native people that live here. Clayoquot is an anglicized pronunciation. The main thing NOT to do, is to say "Clay" with a long a (and in clay you shape pots with). We say "clah" as in clap. And forget the o; it is silent(ish). The closest word I can think of for the rest is the end of kumquat. So, put it all together and you get "clah-quat" sound.

(Having said all this, I like diversity. Diversity in most things is good...so say it how you want to.)

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