Saturday, July 25, 2009

In Season: Red Huckleberries

The berries on the coast have been incredible this year. (The cool start to the season followed by lots of heat has helped no doubt.) There are still salmonberries on the bushes here and there and the thimbleberries are just coming ripe. But right now it's the height of huckleberry season.

Huckleberry bushes seem to be dripping with these beauties — some as large as big blueberries, which is huge for this species. I usually just pick and eat them right off the bush — they're a nice, tart hit when you're hiking — but after meeting friends who'd just collected a 1 L container-full in 20 minutes or so (and who were off to make jam) I decided to do the same.

But deciding to do it and actually doing it are two different beasts. Thus far we've just been grazing on what I've picked.

It seems that Julie and I are on the same wavelength in this regard. She has a few ideas for you.

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