Thursday, July 30, 2009

In Season: [Ripe] Thimbleberries

Berries, berries. What a crop this year. I've been picking blueberries and cascades from my backyard for days and the fridge is overflowing with the raspberries I bought over the weekend. It's so warm I had to make raspberry jam on the deck using our Coleman stove yesterday morning. There are still salmonberries hanging on and, of course, lots of huckleberries but my favourites are now ripe —


As I wrote before, they are soft and sweet and there's really not much to do with them except eat them right off the bush. But my daughter came up with one more use —

shmooshed on toast. Instant jam.

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  1. i'm so rarely home to the island in the summer - thanks for reminding me of thimble berries! i can practically taste them

  2. Thanks for writing about the berries! It's been such a good year for them - all that warm and sunny weather in the spring made everything pollinate. I have so many huckleberries out my back window, and they are so good in pancakes.

    Let's just hope for a bit of rain now - or our August berries, the salal and the blackberries, won't be able to swell and ripen.