Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Island Restorative

There is an island not far from here that is a little secret. I adore it so much I almost don't want to tell you it's name but...getting there takes some effort and staying there depends on your definition of comfort. If restaurant meals, Egyptian cotton sheets, central heating, and modern decor are your ideals, then this isn't your place. Still with me? You might like The Vargas Inn then. This little inn — which is really a large house – was built in the 1970s and the decor is sort of stuck there. It's a bit dark, there's lots of wood and wallpaper (which I think the fashionistas would find appealingly retro), the bed covers are a bit nubbly, but I don't care one whit. That's not why I go there. I go there because it is quiet, it is in a beautiful setting, it is a hike away from one of the most stunning beaches around, there is endlessly fascinating stuff on the property (natural and not so), and the people who operate it are fun to spend time with. And it's just a quick boat ride away from town. We had a little skip out last week and spent two nights. It's close enough to zip those of us who had to work back to Tofino for the day, but far enough away to forget everything that needs to be done back at home...

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