Monday, July 6, 2009

It's Tea Time in Tofino

Congratulations to multi-talented women, Cheryl McLellan and Anne Klazek, on the opening of the Tofino Tea Bar. The grand opening was this past Friday and they did a booming business in their teeny, tiny store. When I visited (twice this weekend!) they had lovely iced teas, chilled and ready to pour, as well as dozens of hot teas ready to make fresh. (Today it's drippy; definitely a hot tea day.)

The shop has inside and outside seating. The long wooden "t-bar" and small deck tucked out of the wind, are wonderful spots to sip your tea and watch Tofino wander by. They also have treats from Sweet T's, some great pottery for sale as well as Cheryl's art cards. Perhaps you'll hear Anne's music every once in awhile, too. (I can't find a link for Smalltown Empire, Anne Klazek's band with Ron Weeks, but here they are in action, via You Tube.) See? I said they were multi-talented. [Update: Here's the link for Smalltown Empire.]

The shop is at Second and Campbell, tucked behind "Family Fashions" (and across the street from the Vicker's Eagle Aerie Gallery).

NEWS FLASH: I am going to be starting monthly give-aways, which I'm calling "Loot Bag Lundis." I have a great little loot bag beginning to grow with some cool Tofino-related stash and I'll give it away on the third lundi of July, which is 20 juillet 2009. The deal? You have to leave a comment on one of my posts (old or new) between now and the 20th. Everyone who leaves a comment will go in the draw. So please spread the word and tell two (or more) friends. More details on the contents of the loot bag soon.


  1. Please put me down for a Loot Bag Lundi loot bag! I would like to thank you for your It's Tea Time in Tofino. I am excited to visit the Tofino Tea Bar (hopefully late July or early August.) It was great to read about it and see the pictures. Well done!

  2. Thanks for blogging about us......with opening weekend behind us we are grateful for the support from everyone. We had many locals come visit but also had visits from as far away as Denmark, the UK, Australia and the US. Anyway, thanks again!!!!!

    Note: Anne and Ron's band website is and I am now officially Cheryl Graham

  3. Just wanted to say that I visited the Tofino Tea Bar twice daily during my visit. The loose leaf tea was good and there was a lot of variety. There were also baked goods (scones and florentines) and beautiful pottery done by Cheryl's father-in-law. My favourite part about the tea bar, however, was speaking with Cheryl who was very friendly and more than willing to share her knowledge of Tofino and what it has to offer....

    Naomi - Mission, BC

  4. Hi there,
    I was visitng Tofino March 11-15th, 2010...and I stopped in The Tea Bar during some very cold weather. The service was outstanding and the nicest girl was working there. She was very knowledgable without being pushy. I went back twice more, as I discovered a warm and friendly any oasis!
    Well done!