Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long Beach Reflections

Last night we celebrated at the Darwin's Cafe as Adrian Dorst released his latest book, Reflections at Sandhill Creek: Meditations on the Wild West Coast. Adrian is a photographer, carver, and incredible ornithologist. The west coast grabbed him by the throat over 30 years ago and never let go. He lived for several years at Combers, which is where Sandhill Creek meets the Pacific. As he explained last night, he lived in his camper and purposely didn't have radio or read newspapers or magazines. Many nights he just sit in the quiet and listen to the rain on his roof (after days of exploring the area). But he did read and as he read, he wrote down quotes that resonated to him. He showed us the leather-bound journal last night (it's also shown in the book). This book is a pairing of his photographs and these quotes. The people Adrian quotes are varied — from Helen Keller to Lao-Tsu to Kierkegaard — but one of my favourites is by local builder and writer, Jan Janzen: "That anything exists at all is...such a mystery, such a miracle; I sometimes marvel that anyone can keep a straight face!"

Adrian will be having another launch — this one with a slideshow — on July 23, 8 pm at the Clayoquot Sound Community Theatre on Campbell St.

Here's a news piece with a bit of background on Adrian and the book. And here's the publisher's blurb.

[Note: The photo above is not Adrian's, nor it is of Sandhill Creek. I took it yesterday at Schooner Cove when I went for a late afternoon walk, finally slipping away from my desk after a crazy week of work. I tried to use a copy of the cover of Adrian's book, but his publisher's site wasn't cooperating! Check it out at local bookstores, including Mermaid's Tales.]

Update - Nov. 27/09. Finally got my scanner hooked up, so I've scanned you the lovely cover of this book.

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