Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On Water and Chocolate

Sorry for the silence. We were on a short road trip, which I'll blog about in a few days. We're experiencing a little heat wave out here on the coast. For Tofino, that means lovely warm days—and wonder of wonder—even warm evenings. We could actually sit out on the deck after 6 last night without fleece jackets. And no fog to speak of yet, which is also a bit unusual. Fogust is a'coming though. But, of course, as I've mentioned before, we tend to get a tad antsy when we don't get rain for awhile at the height of tourist season. We are on water restrictions but we do have water, so never fear. As long as everyone behaves, and tries to conserve, we'll be okay for awhile yet. There's lots in the news about this lately, like this and this. And Jackie is on it, too.

I've been holding out blogging out one of my favourite spots in town. Today, enroute home from the beach, seemed like the perfect time to stop at Chocolate Tofino for one of their homemade ice cream cones.

Do those girls looked blissed out or what?

Everything at Chocolate Tofino is handmade in their tiny little shop. The blackberry creams are my favourite most of the year, but today I went for chocolate ice cream, straight up in a waffle cone.

And the courtyard is a great place to get out of the sun, enjoy the flowers (and your cone, chocolate or both), and take a rest before you carry on your way.

Here's a profile on Leah and Gord— the wonders behind this gem.

[And almost everything is gluten-free. Just ask; the knowledgeable staff can let you know what is safe and what's not.]

Final words of wisdom, gleaned from the courtyard wall: Forget love. Fall in chocolate.

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