Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Seven Letters that Enraged Tofino

Okay, I realize I can't speak for everyone in this town, but there's a lot of p-o'd people over these seven letters that appeared a few days ago, spray painted on the rocks at Rosie Bay — P-R-I-V-A-T-E. Not only is it ugly and defacing the natural landscape, it's a fairy antisocial message to people who've been surfing at this bay for decades.

It's hard to tell whether this message is above or below the high tide line. If it's below, then they've defaced crown land and public property — you can't own below high tide in Canada, so it's fair game for everyone to walk on. If it's above, well I guess they can do what they want with their land, but it hasn't made them popular, whoever they are. (But I doubt they care too much. I'd just watch your windows, folks.) Honestly, I don't get it — it takes a significant amount of effort to get over to this surf break (climbing on the slimey rocks, in a wetsuit, with a surfboard; or by paddling over from Chesterman) — so I can't imagine there are hoards of people bothering those in the house perched above. And they're just surfing; at least they're not playing their bongos all night like people might do on other nearby beaches. The locals are not happy.

What do you think? Offensive or assertive?

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