Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tofino's Community Food Initiative

Good Tofino people, doing good Tofino things.


  1. Hello fantastic and good people of Tofino! my name is Lisa, and I am a horticulturalist who has recently moved back to Town. Through Naomi, I have been informed of the very exciting and wonderful prospects of the local food initiative and would be honored to be involved. I have lots of skills and energy! Congrats to you good people for having the insight to secure food on the west coast before we are forced to it. After all, well at least for me, growing is a passion ( addiction - my friends would say)that forces itself on you and not the other way around. I guess we are merely conduits to the earth and each others needs. Yay! Lets get growing! (I really do have to get someone to show me how to properly set this profile thing.) My apologies for being such a Luddite. Have great days.

  2. Welcome, Lisa. You can find out more on participating with the Food Initiative by emailing: tofinolocalfood@yahoo.ca