Monday, August 3, 2009

Ah, It's Fogust

If you are somewhere else in BC, which is currently breaking all records for heat (or even burning), then I'll whisk you a moment to the west coast, where it is officially Fogust.

Driving from Port Alberni (where it hit 39 last week) last Thursday after sweltering in the Cowichan Valley for the weekend, we recorded the change in temperature the closer we got to the coast. (Yes, we have nerdish tendencies.) In Port Alberni at 6 pm (yes, 6 pm!) it was 38. By Sutton Pass it was 32. At the River Bend, where all the tourists stop for a looky-loo, it was 29. At the precipitous cliff where you look out over Kennedy Lake (and temporarily lose your Sirius connection) it was 27. The junction it was 24, Long Beach was 21 and then it rose slightly to 22 in Tofino. Ah, just perfect don't you think?

All that cool moist air hitting the warmish water (it holds the heat, plus the water is unusually warm at the moment) creates a band of fog at this time of year. It's not very deep — just a margin along the coastline — and you can be assured that it will be gone when you're about 500 metres from the coastline, or by noon or so, when it finally burns off. If you're looking for heat and sun-tanning opportunities this may not be the place for you, but at least you can sleep at night.

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