Monday, August 10, 2009

Cellular Zucchinis & Green Soul

So Saturday about noon, I was paying for my groceries at the Co-op (which we refer to as "The Coop" — no hyphen) when I saw lovely Martha, all dressed in bright orange walking across the street talking on her phone. And then, I spied Janice across the street, also having an earnest discussion on her phone. Then my brain did the disconnect — these gals aren't the type of have earnest calls in the middle of town on cell phones. I doubt they even have cell phones. I scan back to Martha and see she's talking on a yellow zucchini. Janice is on a banana. Across the street, Judy has a leek to her ear, Spencer a green zucchini and Sue, some weird sort of root vegetable I don't recognize. Kitty-corner to us Jan is on his banana. He passes it to Joe C., who has a brief conversation on it and then switches to the can of Lucky in his other hand. Oh how I love Tofino. We were being flash mobbed. I took a few pictures, which I now find were actually movies that I can't seem to up-load. Bah. I was probably distracted when my banana-phone rang.

In lieu of great photos of the flash mob, I bring you Green Soul Organics. I primarily am posting this as a service to those who are gluten-free and need to find a spot to shop in Tofino. You'll find a good selection of pastas, g-f flours, bread, cereal, etc. here. Of course, there is also a wide selection of produce, much of it as local as possible. Yesterday, the first chanterelles of the season appears. Yum, yum, double yum. There is a hard-working gal at the heart of Green Soul. She's trying to make a go of running a shop that is notoriously difficult to do so please pay her a visit. She's in the heart of town, in the Cedar Corner building, 4th and Campbell.

I'm going to have my head down this week, madly working on a book deadline. I am trying to have few distractions so my posts may be scattered and infrequent for a bit. For now, this is for you. Taken by daughter P on the beach yesterday. Just found it when I downloaded my camera. Sweet girl.

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