Wednesday, August 5, 2009


and creepy-som.

Cool, huh? You never know what's going to wash in on local beaches. This Humboldt squid, and about 200 of its friends, washed up on Chesterman Beach on Monday. They were in various stages of life, death, & decay, when they hit the beach, but this one was a real beauty.

They are about 2 feet in length. My daughter wouldn't volunteer to lie down beside one to show the scale so I had to sacrifice myself.

[Notice that I am coincidentally wearing my Eik Street Tree Tee. There is still a few more days before the next draw, which is Friday. Still time to make your comments.]

The current theory as to why they were washing up is that they were feeding at night (as they are wont to do) on feed fish (piltchards perhaps) and they followed the prey up to the surface waters. They may have become stranded on the sand flats or swept into a different current. You can read more here and here if you want.


  1. WOWWWW, I would have loved to see that! Why didn't they wash up a few weeks earlier? Something you don't see every day!


  2. And there are sharks, too! (Baby ones.)

  3. Even sharks... VI-shores are surely different than ours! If a shark washes up, that's national news over here.