Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tofino: Through Luc's Lens

Things have been quiet here at THofT. I took a short holiday last week and again have my head down for the final push on this book project, which I will one day finally reveal. For today though, please enjoy these stunning photos taken by my friend Luc Hoogenstein. Luc and his family, Lianne, Hannah, and Dirk, visited us earlier this summer from Holland. We had a wonderful visit -- it was so great to reconnect with Lianne, who lived with us, oh, can it really be 16 or so years ago?! I also learned the best word from Dirk: knuffelen, which means hug.

Luc came home from Canada with 6000 photos, here are just a few. Visit his website for more.

(And don't forget to book Sunday night for the Lantern Festival. A Tofino event not to be missed. There are lantern making workshops all week.)

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