Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tofino's First Power Outage of the Season

Yesterday about 4:00 pm or so, just as I was about to begin some earnest writing time — zappo — the power went out. Now the power goes out quite often in the winter, so we are fairly prepared — gas stove, lots of candles, flashlights, blankets, board games — but this was a calm and sunny fall afternoon. Probably an accident on the highway we thought. (As it turns out, no.)

Except when they come the evening before a deadline (it is very hard to explain to publishers in Toronto that the power is out and may be for a day or so), I love these power outages. Daughters A and P seem to as well and are ever hopeful on those Winnie-the-Pooh kind of blustery days that the power will go out so they won't have to go to school and we can build a fort on the couch. It was just daughter A and I last night, so we had our dinner, got a bit of homework/housework done while there was still enough light and then went for a walk. A lot of people had the same idea it seems — the streets were almost bustling. It was a warm evening and we were out in time for a sunset, which we watched from the Crab Dock. We both agreed that we live in one of the most stunning places in the world.

Jackie had a fully charged computer it seems, but sensibly didn't spend the entire evening on it. Here's her take on the evening.

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