Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Keeping Lennard Light Lit

Before I left on my baguette and butter tour, I was all prepped to do a post on the federal government's move to destaff many of the west coast lighthouses. But then I had my computer and a briefcase full of research papers, books, and notebooks stolen from my car in Vancouver. Gone as well were the photos I'd taken of Lennard Light, just off Tofino, so I was sorting that out (and crying into my wine big-time for the grief that little episode caused me) but didn't have time to re-take the photos and prepare the post before I left.

All is well for the moment, however (well, the computer and invaluable papers are still gone) as this has gone away for the moment. I emphasize for the moment, as this silliness raises its irrational head every few years or so. If this blog is still up and running in 5 years, no doubt I'll be doing a post on the threat to de-staff west coast lighthouses. If you want to read a bit about this current attempt, there is a summary of news stories here.

I'm still miffed about the removal of the foghorn at Lennard Light. The electronic peeps are wholly unsatisfying in comparison to the auditory landscape we had historically. The tinny ping is an annoyance compared to the deep lulling baritone of the old fog horns. (And I have also been on a west coast lighthouse IN FOG SO THICK I COULDN"T SEE THE WATER and the "automatic" foghorn had not switched itself on, so I'm not all that confident.)

So, for now, I am relieved for my friend Caroline out at Lennard Light but my ears are perked...

Here's a nice history piece about Lennard Lighthouse and here's a photos.

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