Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have re-emerged from Book Deadline Hell. It was a doozy, and it's by no means over, but at least I have a little reprieve. I'll get out with the camera and some more lucid thoughts asap, but for now I have updated the "THIS is what we do here" and "What Others are Saying" marginalia.

My last post was about all of the surfing excitement around here last weekend. For a bit of surfing history you might be interested in this article. It's nice to see that Peter Devries' mother, Alice, gets some mention too! And Jackie has been busy writing and recording after her week of covering the surf competition. Here are her audio stories.

The photo above is by Jeremy Koreski who, like Pete, is a local "boy" (neither of them are boys, of course). Jeremy is the man behind many of these fabulous surf pictures of Pete and Raph Bruhwiler. Jeremy has graciously sent me a few pictures, which I'll be posting in the near future. Please check out his website.

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