Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Long Beach Olympics

In my stupor I thought I'd actually posted pictures of the hoopla from the Halloween weekend. So, unless you are an avid link-clicker, you may have no idea what I was talking about re. the Olympics.

The torch came through town on that weekend, and while I am on the ambivalent-side of the whole event — especially given all of the cuts to schools, libraries, and arts; I could list a range of better ways, MUCH better ways, to spend our tax dollars — I did participate just a bit. We went out to Long Beach because I love the place and I did want to see this:

[Reuters Photo, picked up here]

It was quite a lovely day — drippy and cool, but lots of folks from both towns feeling happy, which is always a good thing. The torch was first met by the Tla-o-qui-aht people and elder John Tom Sr. walked it down the beach to Ruth Sadler who walked it down to Raph Bruhwiler who surfed on by to light his torch. I especially wanted to be there for Ruth, who is a wonderful woman and wife of Jim Sadler, who was a legendary surfer here and one of the first, oh, 40 years or so ago now.

Honestly, the rest of the day and the Gong Show in town with all of the security and cars and confusion I could have done without, but I'm glad I didn't miss the "pass" on Long Beach. This was fun, too:

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