Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Craft Fair

Hey, my 100th post!

I'm slow posting these photos from the fabulous craft fair held at the community hall last Sunday. My photos are not great, nor do they show the breadth of crafts and food available. 'Twas a fun day for all though. Daughter P tested the local market for gluten-free goodies and did quite well with Christmas treats, including gluten-free butter tarts.

(Kids were welcome, too.)

Speaking of butter tarts, the fair was organized again by Jen Scott, she of the fabulous butter tarts (and other amazing baking; so good that after dinner at her place last night I had to lay on the couch for an hour before I could even roll my way down the hall to bed). It's a huge job, but I think this was one of the best gatherings in years. Sometimes it's all jewellry or all food (or so it seems), but there was a wide range of crafts out this time. Plus, it's just a fun community gathering. Thanks, Jen!

(If anyone with keep pockets is still looking for a gift for me — that "goose bowl" of Adrian's is beautiful!)

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