Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas With George

Thought you might be interested to know what Long Beach George was up to close to Christmas in 1927.

December 11
Everything white with snow this a.m. but got milder after daylight and the snow turned to rain and continued heavy downpour all day. Cleared off at sundown and is a clear star and moonlight night and no wind. Done some baking — pastry and a cake.

December 12
Everything froze this a.m. Fine clear day but did not thaw much and is frost again tonight. Clear but no wind. Cut some wood. Maquinna not leaving Victoria until tonight so I hear. Saw wild geese going south this evening.

December 13
Clear and cold. Sunshine all day but did not thaw much. Cut wood and put it in pile. Went along beach as far as point east. Pete came in tonight from Ucluelet — about midnight. Hunted on the way and got six "coons."

December 14
Fine clear morning, clouded in afternoon and began snowing about four o'clock and still snowing. Ground froze today. Pete went home this a.m. to stretch and dry his skins.

December 15
Snowfall during the night but turned to rain early in the morning and was a cold wet disagreeable day. Went out to the landing in evening to see if the mail was there but did not find any. Fine and clear tonight but frosty.

December 16
Clear, sunshine all day, ground froze and did not that much, frosty again tonight. Went over line east and found it all ok. Pressler working on his boat at landing, called this evening and had supper with me. Eight grouse feeding in yard with chickens when I got here this p.m.

December 17
Fine again today. Got my mail this a.m. Pressler got his boat up as far as the boathouse this morning. Pete H. and Mr. Thistle and Don McD came over from Ucluelet this forenoon, had dinner and supper with me and left here to return to Ucluelet about 7 p.m. Maquinna passed down tonight. Grouse was in the year again this afternoon.

December 18
Rained all day.

December 19
Rained all day again today. Hilderbrand came up this a.m. to get the Barney horse and try and if ok will buy him for one hundred dollars. I will go down to his place tomorrow and put him in the harness.

December 20
Frost last night but clear and was beautiful sun shining day and is still clear tonight. Went to Hilderbrands and tried out the horse was all ok so got the money from him. Have a bad foot after the fifteen mile walk.

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