Saturday, December 5, 2009

No, It Doesn't Rain Here All the Time

Despite the reputation as being a place where it rains all the time we often have long stretches of high pressure, which equates to cold, clear, sunny skies. It lifts the spirits, no? Here are some pics of the sound from this morning, and of the pass from a few days ago.

On December 5 in 1927, George Jackson was experiencing similar weather:

December 5
Fine and clear this a.m. beautiful sunrise and like summer all day and ended with a glorious sunset. Went out to the landing for mail and stores this forenoon at high tide, but Grant was not in sight so I returned empty handed and then I cut wood. Tofino phoned in afternoon that Grant had been up late left my stuff, was then too late for tide so had to go and get stuff on the night tide. 10:30 - just got finished and everything in the house at midnight.

"The landing" is on the inlet side of the peninsula - Browning Passage - where the boat from Tofino would come up to deliver mail, supplies and people (who would then walk across the peninsula and on to Long Beach). "Grant" was Duncan Grant or one of his sons, probably Wallace or Bordie, who would deliver the supplies. Jackson's reference to "Tofino calling" relates to the fact that his house was on the telegraph line. Jackson's job was to maintain the telegraph line.

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