Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Day in Pacific Rim

The National Film Board has put many of their films on-line. (I know where I'll be snooping around when I'm looking for distraction.) Here is a near silent film of Pacific Rim National Park, just down the road, filmed back in 1978. (Of course it has the obligatory-in-Canadian-films call of the loon near the beginning. I don't think I've ever heard that call out here, but perhaps others have. Let me know.


  1. I don't think we get loons on the Pacific coast. I have heard them around the 100 Mile House area in the interior though, so they do exist in BC, but not on the coast.

  2. Actually there are a lot of loons out here, Robyn. Pacific Loons, Arctic Loons, for instance. I just saw one the other day off Chesterman Beach. It's just that I've never heard them call like you hear in the intro. to this film. Maybe over on Kennedy Lake. I think the call that is in this film might have been added in just like owl calls (usually the wrong owl call) is added into films.

  3. Hey Adrienne - I have heard the common loons do this call here, up the inlets, when a bald eagle flies over - like in those shallows off the NW part of Meare Island (I think it's called Yellow Bank?). I've also had them answer me doing the laughing call many times on the inlets when I've been paddling around.

    But what about the whip-poor-will at the end? I've definitely never heard one of those out here. Do we even have whip-poor-wills here?

    Thanks for sharing this - it's really beautiful.

  4. Thanks, Jackie. I see loons all the time, I just can't recall hearing them so thanks for this. And, yes, we can have whip-poor-wills, although it's rare. My handy, dandy "Birds of the West Coast of Vancouver Island" says they are "accidental" visitors in the autumn. Accidental means five or fewer records.