Saturday, January 9, 2010

On the Line with George

On the boat trip I described last post, we also came across these posts.

(It was a very high tide that day. For the most part, this is mudflat.) From their location, we're pretty sure they are the remains of the posts from the old telegraph line that ran from Long Beach up to the Kennedy River. Our man, George was the lineman on this stretch for several years. Here's what he was up to at Long Beach 83 years ago.

January 9, 1927
Just like summer — had lunch on veranda — 86 degrees on veranda at noon. Ten tourists just passed through from Clayoquot to Tofino this morning on way to Victoria. Several hundred ducks feeding in field all day. Took horses from tide flats and put in field.

January 10, 1927
Fine day. Worked all day on trail to landing.

January 11, 1927
Fine weather. Filed saw and cut wood. Black pullet laid for first time. Tried for ducks — plentiful in field but very wild — did not get any. Got wire from Muriel says she will be on Maquinna.

Can you believe the 86 degrees? Cool and drippy today, but one of the warmest days I ever remember on the coast was in February when Daughter A was small. We were on Chesterman in shorts and t-shirts with a gaggle of kids.

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