Friday, January 8, 2010

Swans of Tofino

One of the things we did manage to do over the holidays was to get out in our boat for a chilly trip. I wanted to recreate the trip that people used to take as they travelled from Tofino (or Clayoquot) up to Long Beach. Before there was a road (which wasn't really all that long ago), people would travel up the inlet by boat (canoe, rowboat, sailboat, putter,...) on the flooding tide to the narrowest part of the peninsula. From there, they'd hike across the peninsula to come out at a spot near today's Airport Road at Long Beach.

It was a drippy, cool day, but there were lots of birds around, including these ones.

Pretty, no? (A little blurry, I realize.) Winter is a wonderful time to bird watch on the mudflat side of the peninsula. Even if you don't know your birds, a little trip out to Grice Bay is a wonderful calm change from the pounding surf on the open ocean side of the Esowista Peninsula. I love the drive down the road and it's even better on a bike. If you do want to know more about birds, though, the Raincoast Education Society has a great program they offer regularly: Building Better Birding Skills. It's happening this Sunday, too. Just meet at the parking lot at South Chesterman at 10am. No experience necessary.

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