Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tofino Spring is Busting Out All Over

So it seems that while I was down here...

(with my shorts and sandals sitting lonely and untouched at the bottom of my suitcase I might add) spring was arriving with a vengeance on the west coast — warm, sunny days resulted in a frenzy of blossoming on the west coast.

My friend Joanna saw her first hummingbird on February 21, feeding on the salmonberry bush we'd seen in bloom January 31.

Yesterday, when we walked down to Tonquin we noticed the carnage in the ditches from where all the bushes (i.e., salmonberry for the most part) had been hacked away by the village. Now I realize there are lots of salmonberry around, but it's still bad timing. Please don't start dredging the ditches now either. Amphibian eggs are soon to appear.

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