Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring 1928 with George

We've been having some crazy weather lately — heavy rains, hail, bouts of "slushing." Today is lovely, but it was cold last night. There is snow on the top of Lone Cone and in The Pass as well. I thought it might be interesting to see how the weather was for George Jackson out at Long Beach in 1928 around the Spring Equinox. Here are a few entries:

March 17
Overcast and showering. Worked at repairing fence around garden. Maquinna passed down this evening.

March 18
This was a lovely day almost like August, it was so warm and balmy. Took a walk as far as the two mile Point but saw nothing of interest on the way. "Sussie" came out of the bush this morning with a fine big healthy calf. Have a fine show of daffodils and Primula now in the garden and the bushes are all leafing out. The grass is beginning to look quite green again — a good six weeks earlier than 1927.

March 19
Strong S. E. wind with showers but not cold. Dug some potatoes in the back garden and replanted them in front. Found them in good conditions after being in ground all winter.

March 20
S. E. gale with heavy rain for the past twenty four hours. Big sea. Shifted the driftlogs at high tide, moderating now.

March 21
S. E. gale continuous with heavy rain.

March 22
Gale continues. Geo. Hillier, Al Prince and Montgomery came over from Ucluelet this afternoon for a visit arrived here just at tdark. Brought some smoked fish.

March 23
Still blowing. Maquinna passed up this a.m. The boys hunted some, but did not get anything. Walked as far as the sand dunes in Schooner Cover this afternoon. Nothing new on beach.

March 24
Storm continues S. W. high wind with frequent squalls of hail and rain, is now snowing hard (11 pm). Baked bread. George H. and Prince went home this a.m. Jim Motion came in from Tofino on the tide. Had lunch with us and then walked on to Ucluelet. Montgomery went hunting but got nothing. Grant brought my mail.

March 25
Fine weather. Visited Pressler and had lunch. Montgomery went hunting — nothing. Ground all covered with snow this a.m.

March 26
Find this a.m. but N.E. wind changed to S.E. during afternoon and developed into gale before 4 pm and is still howling at midnight. I think the worst storm this winter, lots of rain with it. Wires were down beyond Ucluelet since yesterday and now they are all dead here. Will have to go int he morning. Montgomery went back to Ucluelet this a.m. Set Mrs. H. a setting of eggs with him.

And so it goes. Warmest day of the year, torrential rain, snow and gale force winds? Sounds just about the same as the month we just had!

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