Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tofino Day Trips: Hot Springs Cove

So here's a new feature on The Heart of Tofino — days trips. (Sorry, I'm not going to give away my absolute secret spots — those are for you to discover on your very own and my fav will probably not be yours — but there's lots to do on any given day here so we'll explore that here.)

Here's the first: Hot Springs Cove. This video, produced by Canadian Tourism, gives you a good overview so I won't blether on. The video also gives a fabulous look at Clayoquot Sound on a sunny day, which, of course, is not always how you see this place.

Sadly, last night I had to miss the play The Death of a Clown by Itsazoo Productions. I was at an equally entertaining (no doubt) event — a band concert put on by the local students in grades 7 and 8. There were probably a few other events I missed last night too. It always amazes me when people ask me "What do you do here?" Yoiks. I can't even come close to doing all that I want to do. Tofino is one engaged and active place. So, did anyone go to the play? How was it?

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