Tuesday, April 27, 2010

RAATU And Earth Week Round Up

All of last week was RAATU (Random Acts of Art in Tofino and Ucluelet). I had my head down working hard for most of the week, but did manage to come across a few random acts. All along the MUP (the multi-use path) little bags of chalk had been hung off signs or trees and people did their chalk art on the path. The rains we had cleaned the slate fairly regularly but I did get out on a bike ride one day and enjoyed the art that had appeared that day. Fun, fun.

And then I came across this beauty on a downtown corner.

It turns out it was created by my little buddy Toby with her little buddy.

Great work, girls. Thanks for making me (and no doubt many others) stop, look and smile.

At the Earth Day breakfast on Sunday morning, there was a flash mob, where some oddly head-dressed people just started to dance (actually, that's not that odd in Tofino).

And then there were the other spontaneous dancers with a penchant for purple and pink.

This day was also the send off for one leg of the Get Out Migration with Cozy Lawson and her daughter Laterra beginning their walk to Victoria. The Get Out Migration is protesting fish farms in coastal waters and are making a stand to protect wild salmon, which are being hammered from all sides. It began with a blessing for a safe journey led by Levi Martin.

Cozy and Laterra were accompanied for awhile by the horses from Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.

Young walkers got a bit of help.

And many local people joined in for the first part of the walk.

Here is a news clip about the start of the Get Out Migration and some background behind it.

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