Sunday, April 11, 2010

Retrospective: The Art of Henry Nolla

Henry Nolla was a fixture on the west coast for many years. He lived at the north end of Chesterman Beach and carved in "The Carving Shed" nearby. His works, particularly his adze work, appears in many homes and businesses, including the Eagle Aerie Gallery, the Wickanninish Inn and the Common Loaf Bake Shop.

Henry's daughter, Nuri Nolla, in conjunction with the Pacific Rim Arts Society, is hoping to put on a retrospective of his work in mid-September. This is the blurb on their request from Tofino Time:

"This show will be focusing on his carvings, his tools, his influence on local architecture and other artists. They are looking for carvings or tools, which people are willing to lend or allow to be photographed, to feature in the show. (The exhibit will be in a secure location.) Also, they are interested in any quotes or stories about Henry that people want to share. For the architectural influence component of the show we are seeking any local business owners or homeowners that have Henry's work in their building and are willing to have it photographed and publicized. Finally, they would like to make contact with any local artist that feel they have been influences by Henry and would like to be featured in the show."

Please contact Nuri Nolla at henryscarvings [at] gmail [dot] com if you can help. And please do this quickly. PRAS needs to know the level of response so they can begin planning.

I'll try to post some images of Henry and his work soon, but I wanted to get this up quickly. Please spread the word. For now, here is one of Henry's pieces, from my very first post on this blog.

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