Friday, April 16, 2010

Tofino's Big Year

My goodness, we do like the spotlight. (Hmmm, did I say that recently?) Now it seems like Hollywood is coming to Tofino with parts of town being a location for the filming of The Big Year. Here's the low down. Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin will be hanging out at this house, one of the village's older (and best maintained) homes, with a fab. view:

and this restaurant, The Schooner, which is a Tofino classic.

So this all should be very interesting and I'll be out there snooping around. I actually have read The Big Year (subtitled: A Tale of Man, Nature and Fowl Obsession), which it the true story of three birders and their journeys during their big birding years. (Essentially, it's an informal competition where birders try to see as many birds within one calendar year.) As I recall, it was a great read. Tofino has several avid birders and it is a great place, in particular, to see shorebirds and seabirds such as Marbled murrelets, common murres, cormorants, pigeon guillemotts, etc. (Keen birders may want to check out Just Birding with its guided tours and "Bird and Breakfast." And here's a bird list of the birds you can see in the Tofino area.)

Here's a post from the birding world on this news.

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