Monday, July 12, 2010

Rare Tofino Birds

Tofino isn't all that known for its birding, but, really, it should be. We have some incredible birders here, most notably Adrian Dorst, who's been scoping the area for decades. We also have so many different habitats within an hour of town — mudflats, open ocean, long beaches, lake, streams, rainforest, swathes of alder, etc. Perhaps the filming of The Big Year will change this, but so will this sort of thing.

Here are a few more articles/links to birding: George Bradd's's Commando Birding article and, of course, George's web site gives lots of information for birding in the area. Both Adrian and George lead guided bird watching tours and the Raincoast Education Society offers an excellent series of birding workshops, usually during the winter months.

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