Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tofino Books: Road's End

Yesterday, when I was downtown with my daughter, a familiar laugh resounded from the corner of Campbell and First St. "Ah," Daughter P said, "Turtle's back in town." Laugh? Can we really call it a laugh? Whatever, once you hear "The Sound of Turtle" you will never forget it. Turtle is a Tofino character and it's timely that he is also tipping his hat on the cover of Shirley Langer's book, Road's End: Tales of Tofino. (It is also very timely to this post that Shirley is back in town for a bit. Welcome home, my dear!)

Shirley published this book last year and if you are looking for a read that delves into some of the quirkier characters of this place or looking for a local's perspective on life at the road's end, then look for this gem. You'll get an insight to the "coffee klatch" at the Common Loaf, the allure of glass balls, characters like Freedom (the dog), Fredy (the welder), Ravi (of the Tofino Herb Company or THC), and, of course, Turtle (the man), and much more. Here's a review from "the greg" and here's another one, too.

You can find Road's End at local bookstores, Mermaid Tales and Wildside Booksellers.

(And speaking of Mermaid Tales, someone posted this link to a recent post. Take a peek inside the bookstore and meet its owner, Mike.)

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