Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tofino Water

It's the time of year when people start to get a bit twitchy about water here. Days can be cool or foggy, which tricks people into thinking it's actually rained. Well, it hasn't for quite awhile now and we are now being asked to conserve water. The fact that we have to be asked is a tad pathetic, but people here, like everywhere, can be a little self-centered, forgetful, lackadaisical ... you decide on the adjective. I've written about water here before. As long as everyone — locals and visitors — behave by conserving water we'll be fine. Everyone has to step up as they have in the past.

But it isn't really about our water supply that I wanted to write about today, at least not directly. I really try to avoid judging what is in peoples' shopping carts (it can be hard, believe me), but I am really shocked by the cases of bottled water I see leaving the Co-op. I want to go up to each and every person lugging a case to the till and ask them if they've actually tasted the water. We have the most amazing water. We should be drinking it and thanking Meares Island and the west coast rainforest for every wonderful drop. (Our water is delivered via underwater pipe from Meares Island.)

You may find it ironic that I'm talking conservation on one hand and encouraging water to use it on the other, but there's no need to buy bottled water here. You can drink it, straight from the tap. Drink it, but appreciate it and conserve it, too. (And, if you're so inclined, you can donate the money you saved to any local conservation group, perhaps the Raincoast Education Society or the Friends of Clayoquot Sound, the group that got its start fighting for — yup — the best drinking water on Earth.)


  1. i've always been baffled at the COOP checkout when people's carts are filled with bottled whistler water. in most 1st world places there's no need to buy bottled water, since it's 100% unregulated and most of the time far worse than tap water. tap water just doesn't have the marketing $$$ behind it like bottled does.

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  3. I am just wondering who is doing this blog? It is great and the RES is working on a water project over the next year so it would be great to touch base with the writer!
    Kim Johnston
    Raincoast Education Society