Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August at Long Beach with George

As a blogger, you always wonder if anyone is out there actually reading all this stuff you fire into the cybersphere, so I was delighted to receive an email recently from Norway asking for more George Jackson. I am more than happy to oblige. Here is what he was up to in August, 1927. I've added some clarification in parentheses.

August 20, 1927
Fine and warm. Thornton came out with truck on way to camp at South Bay. [Likely a road camp, working on the Tofino-Ucluelet road.] I went with him but we only got to six mile post. That hill too slippery for truck to climb. Bridges all in and road graded fairly good to South Bay. [Near Tofino. Today's Maltby Slough.] Worked on cannery line all afternoon all clear now as far as Mill Creek. Had letter from Moode. [His daughter, Gertrude.]

August 21, 1927
Weather fine. Large picnic party out from Tofino for day. Went for walk in evening to burnt lands but saw no deer.

August 22, 1927
Weather continues fine. Worked all day on cannery line from Indian Island to Mill Creek.

August 23, 1927
More fog in morning but turned out a fine day. Went to landing for mail. [Landing would be where a boat from Tofino would come up the inlet, depositing people—and mail—on the mudflat side of the peninsula.] None there. Picked gooseberries in afternoon.

August 24, 1927
Fine weather. Fog in morning — worked cannery line. PIcked blackberries at Mill Creek. Some wild cattle in field this evening.

August 25, 1927
Fog all day. Mary passed down this a.m. [Steamship, Princess Mary.] Got some wood up and worked in garden.

August 26, 1927
Began raining just after midnight and continued for 14 hours. Will do a lot of good for garden and grass. Maquinna passed up about 3:30 pm. No mail at landing.

August 27, 1927
Fine weather. Rode to road camp this a.m. — truck going to Ucluelet — will bring order of provisions from Lee's this afternoon. Line down at 8 mile post — windfall. Fixed it all up ok. Runckle and wife came in from Tofino on the tide and brought our mail. They are camping for a week. Truck brought stuff from Lee's in evening.

August 28, 1927
Fine and clear — nothing doing today. Runckle and I took a walk in evening as far as crossroads did not see any deer.

August 29, 1927
Fine and clear. Dug some clams this a.m. Worked on cannery line all day got some blackberries at Wingen's. Went to Schooner Cove in evening. Saw one deer but too dark to shoot and did not get him. Big sailing ship off here this evening. Barkentine rig all sails set, quite a curiosity these days — she is beating down the coast. Charlie Hughes burned out yesterday. Nothing saved. [Hughes was an early settler, and quite a character. He later rebuilt.]

August 30, 1927
Heavy rain all day and still raining. Runckles came in to the house - too wet in the camp. Sleeping here tonight.

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