Saturday, October 30, 2010

Launch of My Nature

Chris Lowther had a great launch for her new book of poetry, My Nature. There was a fun open mic with local writers, followed by Chris reading a selection of her poems with slides to accompany the poems.

Here are a few articles — here and here — about Chris and her latest project and Long Beach Radio's interview is here:

Chris has graciously allowed me to publish one of her poems here. You can find copies at local bookstores or through Leaf Press. Congratulations, Chris!

shore chant

The inlet shore must be an unfathomed parallel universe.
This is where a lichen gleans nutrients
from the breath of sea lions.
This is where some plants
need the tide to reproduce: sibilant sand,
coaxed by each tender surge,
massages the seeds, abrades them
into germination. This is where
bears graze on shore grass,
long strands like spinach linguine
hanging from black rhythmic mouths.
This is where hummingbirds zoom in
from their own space-time continuum,
riding the cracks between worlds
to sip from salal blossoms
overlooked by the bears.

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