Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Murder at "You-clue-no" General Hospital

What a great community turn out for the murder myster gala and fundraiser for new equipment for the Tofino General Hospital. Local teacher and playwright, Gary Marks, put a huge amount of work into creating the play, the actors (most from the hospital) were fabulous despite their nerves, and a hard-working team of local women put together the gala (the Legion was transformed), prepared the food, sought donations for the silent auction and more. Congratulations to everyone who was involved.

Keven at The Westcoaster posted this article with photos that summarizes the event well.

I helped put together a Power Point presentation of old slides and other info. re. medical services in the area. Here's one of the photos of the original hospital,

and one of my favourite quotes comes from Dr. John Robertson who was the first doctor in the hospital shown in this photo. In 1937, a he wrote a story for The Canadian Hospital (now Dimensions in Health Services) about his time as a physician on the west coast in the early days. From Dr. Robertson:

When I came here a little over two years ago I found it necessary to do emergency appendectomies in the homes, with no running water and no means for safe sterilization.

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