Monday, October 4, 2010

Tofino's Rollo-rama

I've said it before, but it always boggles my mind when people ask me, What do you do here? Almost every evening it seems — especially in the "off season" (i.e., not summer) — there are usually 2 or 3 things I could be doing outside the home. Movie nights, book clubs, all sorts of musical events, readings, public meetings on myriad topics, cooking classes, stitch and bitch events, potlucks with friends . . . the list goes on. But a few weeks ago (sorry, still a little behind) there was a new one on the agenda — roller skating!

The music started blasting late in the afternoon. It had been a beautiful fall day, school had just begun and finally the town was quieting down a bit. In short, it was a great time for a community event. The Rec Commission borrowed bins of skates and helmets from Ucluelet, fired up the bubble machine and opened the gates of the outdoor ball hockey rink. Of course, apropos to what I wrote above, I had already planned to go to a reading about this book, by raised-in-Ucluelet writer, Eric Tamm, so didn't have time to strap on the skates. Next time! As you'll see from a few of these photos, groovy pants and leggings were much encouraged! Hmmm, where is my neo-pink 80s Spandex when I need it?

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