Friday, November 26, 2010

Jingle Into Christmas

Sorry for the silence, folks. Busy days in my purple office. If you're in Tofino tonight remember that it is Jingle Into Christmas. This is a chance to leave some of your hard-earned cash in town if you are so inclined to buy gifts at this time of year. It's a fun evening, too. Lots of the shops have, hmmm, how shall we say it . . . entertainment? . . . and things have been known to get a bit wild closer to midnight. If you want a bite before you head out, there is a turkey dinner being served at the legion. Dinner begins at 5 pm. I'm off to fight the snowy (probably slushy by now) wilds of the island's east coast so you'll have to have fun without me.

On another note, there is a new film about Emily Carr, called Winds of Heaven. This article mentions that the film includes mention of her visit to the west coast and some footage of Long Beach. If you are in Victoria, you can catch it at the Cinecenta tonight. Hopefully it can find a west coast venue.

Have a good weekend!

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