Thursday, December 30, 2010

Congratulations, Caroline!

Quiet times here with the holidays and all (meaning too much work), but I wanted to take a moment to shout out a few loud huzzahs to Caroline Woodward, local writer and lightkeeper at Lennard Light (but currently at Pachena Point Light). Caroline had a whirlwind fall with the release of (and subsequent tour for) her book, Penny Loves Wade, Wade Loves Penny, and now she has a children's book out: Singing Away the Dark.

I had the pleasure of hearing Caroline read Singing Away the Dark earlier this year, when I went to the Tofino launch for Penny Loves Wade, Wade Loves Penny. I loved the story, the illustrations by Julie Morstad (one of my favourites and illustrator of one of my favourite children's books) and, of course, Caroline's own stories that inspired the book. I could relate more, but really, I want to send you here. For those of you not in the book world, getting a review in the School Library Journal and on The Fuse #8 Production blog is a BIG DEAL. The review is fabulous and is all you need to know and more. I sure hope the book is finally available in Tofino. I will report back once I've been to the bookstore.

I know that Caroline has been through a lot of angst with this book and its slowness in coming, but I hope this review makes up for it slightly. What would be even better though, is if we all go and find the book.

Happy New Year!

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